Checklist for baby gear:
  • Toy storage bag
  • Play mat for baby
  • Portable changing pad
  • Skidproof baby blanket
  • Baby spill mat

Is this your first, new baby ? Do you feel like everyone has an opinion on what you should and shouldn’t buy? Congratulations! Welcome. This is your initiation into motherhood! Take all the advice and two cents that you get and build your mommy dream life. The truth is you can’t get through life without teachers, and that holds true for raising your own kids. The difference; however, is as a mom you get to CHOOSE which advice can help you, teach you, and inspire you through this ride you’re about to take with your new best friend(s)!
As a person who tends to ask a lot of questions I do ask  : “Where is the checklist..on motherhood?” “Can I have the training manual on managing..a household..a baby..a social life”. I didn’t know much about bringing a newborn baby home except for what I learned in Lamaze classes and what others shared. Questions about everything, including baby products, blew up in my face even more after seeing so many eye-catching infant products on t.v., in stores, on other moms, and as gifts. I knew little to nothing about all these products:

  • Is organic cotton that much better than non-organic?
  • What are the best educational toys?
  • Are lead-free wooden toys really safer than plastic toys?
  • Am I compromising quality if I buy products Made in China v. Made in U.S.A?
  • Is is really possible to overstimulate a baby with toys?

Consequently, all of these questions resulted in many months of trial and error on nonsensical purchases, overspending on needless things, and diverting my attention to nonfunctional, wasteful products.  My struggle motivated me to try something new- an idea of our own called Stowey Joey. It was a product idea that sat in my mind with my first and second child until it eventually became the ‘new’ baby. Bringing the product to life was an endeavor that was even scarier than the first baby I brought home! Neither came with manuals or instructions, but I knew that if I had done this twice before with two humans I could certainly give this business a try. I created a mental compartment for all things business and since then google, business mentors, other moms, and many shiny two cents have contributed to what’s in there. So far I can tell you that this brand, STOWEY JOEY, has been one of the biggest and best learning experiences of my life. All of this creative flow is owed in big part to the ‘baby joeys’ of my life that have inspired it. THANK YOU & THIS IS FOR YOU.

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  1. Ronny Kamon August 15, 2017 at 2:03 pm - Reply

    There really is no checklist on motherhood. I like how you threw out the many rulebooks and decided to do it your own way. Babies are different and will need different items and its best to go with what you feel is best. Thank you for the insight Stowey Joey.

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