Christmas break for most families tends to be a little chaotic with kids going to bed later than usual, guests in and out of the house, a busy schedule filled with holiday dinners, parties, shopping, guests coming into town, and of course cooking, baking, and cleaning up!

One of the most exciting activities for us was making gingerbread houses! It was our first time …and probably our last. My daughter, my tiny princess, got a tiny candy ball stuck in her nostril…”Oh what fun” said NO MOM EVER. Up until that happened here are some of our more successful moments:

Because the chaos happens once a year and you have a lovely excuse to devour tamales, champurrado, and cookies, it’s easy to translate the events into FUN! All the while I really try to remind my kids why we exchange gifts in the first place by spontaneously asking “Whose birthday is coming up?” or “What is Christmas?”. I wonder if going to church and seeing the human sized manger reinforces my efforts because….look at those faces… it’s always fun and games to them! Thankfully they haven’t mentioned anything about a ‘missing’ cake, balloons, or pizza at this birthday.

On the 25th my kids woke at 6:30 am. I love living vicariously through my children and remembering what it was like to see so many colorful boxes surround the tree so early. As a toddler, I was most definitely convinced Santa HAD visited because my mom could not have possibly carried all those boxes in herself.

My favorite gift was a box thoughtfully decorated by my son Joey. He saved his drawings and put them in there for safekeeping. I thought his efforts were so special. He had been working on the box for a few days during which we were not allowed into his bedroom. Is it fair to say he loves his ‘Mamma’ more. <I tease!>.

My daughter Mila was over the moon with a second baby doll she received from her uncle and a crib from Santa. Mila is so loving and nurturing with her baby. She puts her baby down for a nap everyday, takes her for a walk up and down the hallway, and changes her outfits and headbands too. She named her baby Bouncing Bubbles and here she is laying on a pink Stowey Joey fit for her! Thankfully, it doubles as a toy storage solution for all of the new Christmas toys. The name ‘Bouncing Bubbles’ made my day!

One of Santa’s favorite lessons came from Joey. He suggested that in order to keep the weight off Santa must only eat one cookie and save the rest for the reindeer! I wonder what Santa had to say about that tidbit. Until next year….

We hope your holidays were filled with adventure and laughter!

Happy new year!


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