You can spend forever on Pinterest choosing all those cool projects you are going to do with your kids one day. Then when the time finally arrives you realize you don’t have half the materials required for those cool Halloween crafts! The thought of a trip to Hobby Lobby & $100 later it is easy to JUST.NOT.BE.IN.THE.MOOD.ANY.LONGER.

I don’t typically set aside a block of time for crafting on my agenda or calendar. I craft with my kids when I can unwind for a few hours at a time when I’m done working.  This translates to spontaneous, fun hours on any given day or hour during the week and usually I have not hit Hobby Lobby ahead of time. I kept telling myself that I could be resourceful with the supplies I already had at home. I was right. Some of the things I always have that I didn’t need to plan an extra trip to buy are:

  crayons, acrylic paints, construction paper, scratch paper, random stickers, glue, tissue paper, paper plates

Things that I don’t always have on hand are:

 empty toilet paper rolls, empty paper towel rolls, white googley eyes, popsicle sticks, a complete set of markers, a complete set of acrylic paints, empty plastic bottles, cotton balls, yarn

Reverse engineering a creative hour with my kids is a lot easier than creating a pinterest board. Let me explain what I mean:

Let’s assume you already have Q-Tips in your house. Go to google or pinterest and do a specific search for ‘Q-tip Halloween Crafts’.  OMG!! Did you see all those images and results. You now have lots of options that don’t require draining thoughts about leaving your house and spending $100!

On this particular day what worked for us was drawing and coloring our very own halloween images. We didn’t have halloween printouts and we were all in a creative mood. I asked my kids what Halloween picture they’d want to color (because they didn’t want to draw it themselves) and so a candy corn, cat, and witch were born! This was better than any coloring book or printout because WE got to:

    1. use our imaginations about what items/pictures/images are associated with Halloween

    2. use our minimal but ambitous drawing & writing skills, and

    3. color the images the kids associated with halloween.

You can use this little trick for any holiday or occasion. Best part is it is practically free, money-saving & time-saving!

Get to work and start looking in your garage, pantry, and bathroom for all those goodies that will work for your next project and start reverse engineering!

Here is a glimpse into our halloween inspired evening!

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