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What do you do when a casserole dish requires a can of mushroom soup..?  How often do you make tuna sandwiches?

Do you think about the dangers or risks of using canned foods? My preference has always been to use jarred food, frozen veggies or fresh produce especially if I am preparing a meal for my kids. Nowadays, there is so much information thrown our way – as in parents on the receiving end- about toxins and chemicals in our food and in our toys. Does convenience trump food-smart decisions? What is meal prep like in your house in terms of ingredients you use?


Bisphenol A  (BPA) and PVC plastics leaching into our food is the major cause for concern according to The Center for Environmental Health. BPA has been linked to birth defects, breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. PVC is the most dangerous plastic according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Vinyl Chloride, the chemical used to make vinyl chloride is a carcinogen.  With all that being said would you risk ingesting those chemicals- BPA and PVC? Do you ignore this information in favor of convenient, fast food?

BPA Free Salad
BPA Free Salad!

Though I have a preference for foods that are bright colors and also in glass jars, I’m guilty of using canned food here and there. For instance, Hormel Chili on my hot dog is irresistible at times. I do want to hear what other moms are doing with this information. Do you care? Is it your mission to be a clean eating household?

Let’s hear from you!

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