I took this video immediately when I heard the news so don’t judge!!!

Wow! Can you tell from the video how I am feeling?

I am ecstatic about being selected as a Rise N Grind Ambassador for Daymond John!

When I applied, I thought: I’d love to be an ambassador for so many reasons.  One, because I love to read.  Two, I  believe in entrepreneurship.  Three, I’m going to read the book ‘Rise N Grind’ regardless. And finally, no matter what I’m going to continue my entrepreneurial journey and share it with others.

I am an entrepreneurial spirit. I started by journey selling Jolly Ranchers in elementary school.  In middle school, I read Entrepreneur Magazine. After having kids, I knew I needed to work for myself. Being my own boss has allowed me to work when I want and when I can.  But make no mistake, the dedication required to grow these babies is immense.  (Note: I mean the biz baby here.)

There is a saying – “If you aren’t busy building your own dream you will be building someone else’s.”

Moral of the story?  The biggest mistake in business is to not try at all.

So why am I so excited about being a part of this RiseN Grind group? THE EXPERIENCE.

Perks of being an Ambassador include:

  • An opportunity to work with Daymond John
  • Rise and Grind Swag
  • An invite to an EXCLUSIVE Facebook Community
  • Access to exclusive content
  • Access to a webinar with Daymond John
  • Plus, more cool stuff


So far, my favorite part of the experience has been networking with the goal-focused, determined and super motivated members. Some are investors, others in small business, some entrepreneurs, and self-starters. We all relate to each other though because we are all driven to ensure the success of our endeavors and dreams.


The opportunity to be in front of Daymond John is also a pretty big deal to me.

Why? Because I too am a shark; I’m ambitious and hungry for success. Stowey Joey® has meaning and heart. It isn’t just for the money. Trust me, not all businesses are profitable right out of the gate.  There is a lot of sacrifice from the get-go. This business is just like another child to me. I love it, and nurture it, and watch it grow.  And in the end, it is pushing me to grow too. Each day, I’m learning about how to implement ideas, recognize great advice, and make this thing a success.


‘Rise N Grind’ gives you 16 different success stories; some are from familiar faces and others you might not recognize. Examples include Grant Cardone, Russell Simmons, Joel Osteen, Catherine Zeta Jones, Gary Vaynerchuck and more…

Tai Lopez says “you are an average of the 5 people with whom you spend the most time.” I buy that.  So I’m constantly looking for ways to raise the bar on learning, meet new, great people and become the person I need to be to make this biz baby work.

There is no bigger motivation than my children and being able to provide them with an example of reaching for dreams. That’s what RiseNGrind is allowing me to do, reach higher.

‘Rise N Grind’ is now available on preorder at Amazon. Click here to purchase.

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